Mini Inspirations

Along the way through the hours of research, reading, listening and talking to different people, there have been great sayings or phrases that have struck a chord.

I’m going to put them all in one place, so that I don’t lose them, (currently they are inspirational post in notes scattered around my office, home and all sorts).

“The challenge of climate change is to manage the unavoidable, and avoid the unmanageable” (Mark Wootton, Jigsaw Farms, Australia).

“Very great change starts from very small conversations held among people who care”        (Jeremy Scrivens, Twitter)

“We will not meet any objective with technology alone, we also need inspiration.  We do a better job together” (CIMMTY, OFC 2016)

“Where are you ?  HERE, what time is it? NOW”                                                                                                  (The Green Platform, Nuffield CSC, 2016)

“Science is wonderful, but its people who do it”                                                                            (CIMMTY, OFC 2016)

“Make each day your masterpiece”

“Farming is complex, just about every decision made on a farm will send ripple effects throughout the entire system – these discussions will influence the cost / benefit ratio of future decisions.”

“If you don’t communicate, you become obsolete”                                                                             (Nuffield CSC Conference 2016)

“Culture will eat strategy for breakfast”                                                                                                                           (Nuffield CSC Conference, 2016)

On big data – “If we don’t organise all the data together, then it remains small data.  If we want to make big data really big, how do we bring it all together?

“Carbon footprinting is a holistic indicator of on-farm efficiency.”

“Its all about working away at the things that you can influence and change.  There are lots of things on-farm that are beyond your control, efficiency is something that we can control”      SRUC, Efficiency event, Grantown, Scotland

“Never let your farm know that you are hard up”

“Never mind oil, gas or petrol, food is the greatest energy source in the world”                                 both from John Gordon, Beef and Sheep Farmer, Huntly, Scotland

“Don’t do anything innovative until you’ve benchmarked where you’ve been in the past.”

“If you manage your natural resources properly, manage welfare properly and your human resource systems properly, you’ll be that far ahead of the game that you won’t have to worry about regulation.  BUT the key to the whole system is knowledge, you need the skills and knowledge on how to manage those systems.”